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About Flash It

Flash It is a company committed to manufacturing high-quality, custom manufactured accessories for single ply thermos-plastic membrane roofing systems.


Owners, Brandon Paul and Emily Tieche, who started out as roofing contractors, have a keen understanding for the needs of saving time, reducing overhead and costs associated with commercial roofing projects. We take the guesswork out of flashing- with all products custom made to meet your individual needs. By utilizing Flash It’s roofing systems project time is expedited, allowing you to get off the roof and move on to your next project in a flash!

Flash It's Goals and Values:

  • Simplify the installation process
  • Improve the quality of roofing systems
  • Create more profit for contractors
  • Simplify the training process
  • Improve the Low-Slope Roof industry
Flash It continues to experience exceptional growth, since inception in 2015. By partnering and building relationships with suppliers and contractors, Flash It’s products are well represented by each of our distributors, and are trusted by contractors all across the United States.

INCREASE your Commercial Roofing PROFITS by saving time with Flash It products today!