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We offer custom cones, flashings, vents, and scuppers. Visit our shop and request your custom quote today.

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Custom cones, corners, flashings, and guards to fit any job.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should contractors order from Flash It?

Flash It is made by roofers for roofers. With our extensive roofing background, we understand a roofers needs in the field and what can save time. Flash It designs flashing and accessories that make sense. Fewer parts that fit more penetrations, wider welding flanges and custom designed fits, make Flash It the preferred choice when it comes to pre-manufactured parts.

What I need is not listed on the Custom Order Form

Use a blank piece of paper and draw out what you need, or take a photo of the penetration. Photos and drawings are always great. Please be as detailed as possible. Please Email photos or drawings to:

Are there any size limitations on flashings?

Not that we’ve come across yet!

How soon can products be shipped to me or my business?

This varies, depending on the size of the order, in most cases orders are made and shipped within the week.

Is freight included in the price of the flashings?

Freight is not included in the cost of the product.

What temperature ranges are Flash It products designed to withstand?

We recommend to follow the manufacturer’s specifications for each particular product.

What color do Flash It products come in? Can they be painted?

Any color the manufacturer produces, is what we fabricate. We do not recommend painting the products.

Can I buy direct?

An “approved” fabricator does not exist within the industry. All parts for a warranted applicator should be verified by contractor to manufacturer. Generally these parts are considered better than field fabricated as long as like material is used.

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